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Sessions of the Conference

Session 1 (Impact of Information Technology Revolution on Accounting and Auditing Profession, and the Development of Accounting Programs)
Working Paper Speaker
Developing Financial Programs in Public Sector-Smart Financial Planning for Dubai Government-UAE Mr. Arif Ahli (Department of Finance-Dubai Government) 
Mr. Hisham Ahmad (Department of Finance - Dubai Government)
Developing Accounting Programs in Private Sector to meet the Continuing Technological Development P1,P2 Mr. Khalid Awwad Mousa “Office Information Systems for Software (OFIS SOFT)”
Developing Audit and Governance Programs to meet the Continuing Technological Development Mr. Jamal Milhem (Representative of IFAC)
Impact of Value-Added Tax in the Gulf Cooperation Council States on Electronic Commerce Mr. Saad Habahbeh (Certified Tax Expert)


Session 2 (Digital Accounting Education)
Working Paper Speaker
Impact of Technology on the Industry of Finance and Development Mr. Sahel Annabi (Financial and Banking Expert)
Digital Education and Training (IASCA’s Experience in Digital Transformation of Curriculum Mr. Salem Al-Ouri (Executive Director-IASCA) Dr. Fahmi Balawneh (Almotahida for EducationalProduction)
Digital Accounting Education (Accounting Information Systems) Dr. Fadhel Hilal (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh UniversityCollege of Business, Kingdom of Bahrain)